“I create insanely profitable online marketing campaigns for business from the ground up – using a mix of traditional and cutting edge technology producing exciting yet predictable results.”

Sigmundt Kappel, founder of Sniperclick is one of the most sought after internet marketing experts in the world, working exclusively with a select few high profile clients in countries including Canada, United States and Australia.

His specialty is developing and launching successful online advertising campaigns, resulting in higher number of leads, calls and profit for the business he works with.

“Turning a mere $1,000 adspend into $2,000,000 in sales per month, consistently?”

Yes, this absolutely reads like one of those scummy late night infomercial headlines, but Sigmundt does it repeatedly for clients like real-estate agents by driving traffic from Google search and facebook to a website prompting for a specific action to generate a qualified lead. Add to this a product that is high priced, big commissions and even just a trickle of quality leads means big profits.

These are the two secret keys to any campaign that Sigmundt and his team build:

  • Driving traffic with a message the purely resonates with the potential customer from the Ad to the Website to the Purchase of the Product (or Service).
  • Measuring results to ensure the campaign improves with each iteration producing more sales and customer acquisition.

Not only is Sigmundt responsible for successful online marketing campaigns for high end products such as real-estate, but he also consults with smaller business where the requirement is to sell higher amounts of a lower priced products.

“This all started from a high-tech background”

Starting off in an IT carrier after graduating with a Degree in Computer Engineering Technology, Sigmundt was called upon by his first employer to create the company websites. Website development quickly developed into his passion because it combined creativity and technical aptitude. But websites where just the beginning, what really mattered is what the website did for a corporation – automated sales. By creating a message that stood out and compelled the visitor to take action with the proper placement in search engines and social media it became clear that the traffic would lead to calls and sales.

Furthermore everything was measured – from how many times the Ad was shown to how many clicks to what search term lead to the sale. Marketing and sales can be broken down like a science and produce predictable results; after this realization and continued fascination with the web, Sigmundt took the leap from the IT profession to full time online marketer.

 “My aim is to tap you into the potential the internet can provide your business”

Most likely your business has a website and perhaps does some basic pay per click or SEO, but what do you know what it’s producing for you? Sigmundt found that most business owners are too busy running operations to worry about the online marketing aspect. From SEO, PPC, Social media, and Web-development it can be an overwhelming addition to manage by yourself. So, to hire someone that can manage the entire online piece with measured results can mean more sales, customers and profits with less work.

Sigmundt and his team stay on top of effective marketing trends by studding the best marketers in the industry and test results with their own products and services. His clients are assured that the most relevant and effective marketing technologies are being applied on their business, getting maximum exposure and reap the full potential of the internet.

So what can Sigmundt do for you?

What he has helped other business do, he can help your business do by building wildly profitable online marketing campaigns from scratch which can include:

  1. A Website with a clear and compelling sales message
  2. Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  3. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  4. Facebook advertising
  5. Google business listing optimization
  6. YouTube Optimization and Adverting.

Sigmundt currently lives in Vancouver BC and freelances under the company name SniperClick.

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